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Healthy Habits Made Easy: How Parks Inspire Active Lifestyles

A park is part of many people’s vision of a healthy lifestyle. For a lot of reasons, outdoor spaces figure into a healthy way of life. From an exercise spot, to a place to soak up the vitamin D from the sun’s rays, to the fresh outdoor air. But that’s not the limit of a park – Kay Park has been helping recreational facilities and parks and other outdoor spaces to outfit areas for users that continuously draw them back. 

This article will speak to the important aspects of park design that encourage healthy lifestyle from simple best practices, to more infrastructure/design oriented planning that can help you to improve the quality of life for your target demographic, regardless of the theme or style of your outdoor space. 

We believe that outdoor recreation is an integral part of the lifestyle of most Americans, and we’re here for it! We’ve crafted a strong portfolio of outdoor furniture and site amenities that enhance\ visitor experiences, but also helps you to ensure strong return on investment and keep patrons coming back year after year, month after month, and even daily. 

Kay Park wants to help you improve your patrons lives

We’ve put an enormous amount of work into curating one of the best catalogs of outdoor site furnishing for the widest breadth of outdoor spaces in the market. We’ve got it all, from pedal boats for lakes, to umbrellas for dining areas, to waste receptacles for any public space, to planters, bike racks, cornhole boards, and picnic tables. It’a big list, but you get the picture: We want to make sure you can implement EXACTLY the type of experience you’ve designed for your ideal patron, and beyond. 

We provide parks and recreational equipment to all types of parks, including theme parks, water parks, municipal parks, and other public spaces. Our experience in outfitting all types of outdoor spaces is unique and deep. 

Some ways we can help you promote a healthy active lifestyle for park patrons:

We offer fun games that range from casual to active:

  • Concrete Cornhole boards are a fun way to engage with visitors
  • Disc 4 Connect offers simple, fun, and somewhat active recreation without too much sweat. Disc connect also integrates a cognitive aspect to your recreation fun!

We offer fun recreational items for increasing physical activity:

  • We have pedal boats for waterfront, lake focused, or other water-centric spaces. Kay Park Fiberglass pedal boats are a great low impact exercise for all ages, require virtually no maintenance, and last for years!
  • Adding a bike rack, while doing some minimal bike inclusions invites bike riders to utilize your space more actively. Bike rack parking provides security and extends the healthy active lifestyle to and from the park.

We can help you make your park super inviting, encouraging more outdoor air and sun exposure:

  • A Stage setup can help you provide park concerts
  • Bleachers to improve facilities around sports complexes & give fans seating
  • Picnic tables to host family picnics and reunions
  • Dog Park inclusions can improve overall community support elements and attract a new type of guest
  • Community message boards can help direct visitors or announce upcoming events.
  • Planters can improve integration between parking lots, residential areas and park facilities; while also decorating the site with flowers & shrubs.

Also a park visit can be a simple de-stressor. It may be about using a swing bench, or walking the dog, or just moving a bit outdoors for some users. Not everything has to be about increasing heart rate to aerobic levels, or competitive sports. Sometimes the best medicine is just a carefree feeling that improves overall quality of life and removes stress for a bit.

The importance of world class outdoor furniture and amenities in improving park performance and value

In order to keep a park’s visitors returning, and improving general community interaction and health, the infrastructure needs to be:

  • High quality
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Matched to the user profile expected in the space for the most part
  • Comfortable, secure, and easy to use
  • High in overall value relative to cost, over the life of the product
  • Utilitarian for most users
  • Accessible

Kay Park has been building a product portfolio for a very long time (Since 1954,) based on these principles, and even more stringent characteristics demanded by professionals in the parks and recreational space. We believe we are extremely well positioned to improve your park equipment buying experience, and enhance the lives of your visitors. 

We’d love to show you the outdoor furniture we offer, and the types of infrastructure we have to make active lifestyles a core feature in your park for users.

A park can function as a community center 

Upon the broader backdrop of the park as a community center, there are a lot of health benefits of being active in the community, from emotional and mental health improvements through social interaction or cooperative public interactions, to just providing trails, walking paths, dog parks, or other interactive environments.

When community is the focal point for a park, there are strong correlations to improved emotional well-being and enhanced emotional and mental stability. We saw as a global community the negative impacts of segregation and separation during the pandemic, as well as the toll on mental, emotional and physical health as a result of community devolvement. Parks encourage better community interaction, and provide a landscape for improved wellness from simple stress relief to engagement with others. 

See our Park Benches here. They are a perfect option for passive user experience upgrades.  We offer a large variety of materials, styles and sizes of benches to fit many settings.

We have some of the best picnic table offerings on the market – and what is a park without awesome picnic table availability. Pair our picnic tables with BBQ grills  to promote picnicking and cookouts for your park patrons. KAy PArk knows from years of experience – patrons stay where they are comfortable – our designs are made with comfort in mind.

Don’t forget umbrellas, water fountains and trash receptacles that make quality of park life improvements.

How Kay Park can help you build the right atmosphere in your outdoor space

We have a huge catalog of premium commercial grade outdoor furniture and amenities. We’d love for you to take a look at it.

We’re also available to contact – to help you with Q&A, Sales support, and planning as needed to improve your overall user experience, and just as a support team to make your procurement experience easy and approachable.  Give our friendly, knowledgeable staff a call at 1-800-553-2476.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you!


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