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Concrete Cornhole | Concrete Bag Toss Game | One Pair (2 boards)

Concrete Cornhole | Concrete Bag Toss Game | One Pair (2 boards)


Our bag toss/cornhole boards are ACA regulation size and slope. Add entertainment to your park, housing facility, college or university, and athletic facility.

Board Size: 55″ L x 33″ W

Board Weight: 633 lbs each, 1266 lbs. total


  • Heavy concrete construction.
  • Concrete is polished and sealed for a great bag slide.
  • Regulation ACA board size and slope.
  • Sloped bag drop area for easy bag removal
  • The sloped area will not hold water or harbor animals
  • Optional accessories are available.


  • If you purchase or request a quote for a bag toss shipping will be calculated once we receive the request. It can take up to 24 hours to receive the freight cost back.


Cornhole is a true American stable that should be set up at any outdoor cookout long before the meat or vegetables hit the grill. If your community space does not already have a game of cornhole available for guests, you can end your search here. Our concrete cornhole and bag toss game can easily become a permanent fixture in your outdoor venue. You can keep guests at your venue longer because they simply will not be able to keep going round after round to determine who is the best in their group.

Your concrete cornhole game can be used for more than just keeping family and friends entertained over the weekends. You can bring your community closer together by hosting cornhole tournaments throughout the year. All age groups can learn the rules of the game and hone their skills. Whether you want to charge for the tournaments or make it free for the community, you can keep guests coming back to your outdoor venue time and time again.

If your community is known for having skateboards and bikes, you can rest easy. Bike and skateboard deterrents are available to purchase separately. These deterrents protect the integrity of your bag toss game and help it last much longer than if riders were constantly performing tricks on the concrete.

In addition to adding fun and laughter to your outdoor venue, you can easily maintain social distancing practices with cornhole. The regulation distance for the cornhole is 27 feet between the front edge of each board. If you will be installing multiple bag toss games, setting at least six to 10 feet of space between each concrete cornhole game will ensure individuals can freely grab bags that didn’t quite make it on the board.

If you would like to personalize your bag toss game before installation, we can make it happen!

Due to its concrete construction, you do not need to worry about weathering. Your concrete cornhole and bag toss game will last for years (if not decades) to come. This is an investment for your community that will provide a positive ROI almost immediately.

Concrete Bag Toss


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Weight 1330 lbs


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