Fire Up Your Summer Events! Elevate Your Graduation Picnics and Park Events with Premium Quality Grills.

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Customers began requesting tent rentals for various events, so DeCoster added those to his inventory. The company entered the bleacher rental business about 14 years ago. “It can get very busy during the political campaign season,” he said. “That business has really matured nicely. “We do a lot of annual events, such as out at the Field of Dreams, and a lot of bleacher rentals in the Chicago area.”
Kay Park-Rec has been Adventureland Resort’s go to supplier for a wide variety of products for decades. Their high quality and right priced lines for any project are only matched by an extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff. Adventureland is proud to consider Kay Park-Rec a partner in providing our guests a great experience.
After years of using cheaper, more popular models that consistently broke and required replacement parts, we bit the bullet and got a fleet of Kay’s 4 seat pedal boats. It has been the best investment we’ve made at our waterfront, ever. The Kay Pedal boats are indestructible floating army tanks of fun, and they even look good!