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Frequently Asked Questions

All of Kay Park's staff in our indoor manufacturing facility

Kay Park Recreation has been a manufacturer of commercial outdoor furniture since 1954. We offer a large selection of park and playground equipment and commercial grade site furnishings, including outdoor tables, grills, benches, trash containers, drinking fountains, planters, umbrellas, bollards, shade canopies and bike racks. We have a complete line of bleachers and grandstands, as well as some outdoor athletic equipment, play systems and a rental-duty fiberglass pedal boat. Please browse through our selection and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Product Maintenance

Kay Park does not have a maintenance manual, but we recommend inspecting equipment annually. Hardware should be checked for loose or missing pieces. Any items that are damaged should be taken out of use until repairs have been made.

Wood should be checked for cracks and splinters and sanded as needed.

Recycled plastic can be cleaned using any non-abrasive household cleaner. Tougher graffiti can be removed using a pressure washer. Scratches can be sanded using fine-grade sandpaper.

Powder Coated or Painted Surfaces (except grills) can also be cleaned with any non-abrasive household cleaner. If the coating has been chipped away exposing the steel, the area should be carefully sanded to remove any loose pieces. Then clean the surface and apply primer then high-quality exterior enamel of a matching color to the surface.

It is normal for the grease and acids in the food to deteriorate the coating on the cooking surface; it does not need to be re-painted. It should be cleaned with a wire brush or a ball of aluminum foil before each use. The bottom should be periodically cleaned to keep the drain holes open. This will help extend the usable life of the grill. The sides, bottom, and utility shelves of painted grills can be wire brushed to remove loose material. Then a high temperature (1700 degree) black barbeque or grill enamel should be used. Primer is not used in this application.

Vinyl Plastisol can be cleaned with a bleach and water mixture. Repair kits may be available. Please contact Kay Park for more information.

Fiberglass can be cleaned with warm soapy water. May also be polished or waxed to restore shine with a product from a local hardware store. Repair kits may be available. Please contact Kay Park for more information.

What does Surface Mount mean?

Surface mounting means it is mounted on top of a surface’s face. If you have existing concrete surface mount would be the best option. Your product would have a plate with holes so that your product can be bolted to the surface of the concrete/surface.

What does Ground Mount mean?

In-ground mount means it is mounted in a hole in the ground. Our in-ground products have longer pedestals so that you can dig a hole and use either quick create or concrete to mount your product. You will need to check your local soil condition to see what the best option is for you.

Can I get color samples?

Yes, color samples are available for certain products. You can call (866) 741-8266 or email to request color samples which can be mailed at no charge.

Can I purchase planks only?

Yes, parts are available for pedal boats. We have drawings you can use to determine what parts you may need. If your boat is older than 1994, not all parts we currently have may be compatible and may require some modifications on your end.

How long will it take to get my order?

Lead time varies depending on the production. We do have quick-ship items that ship in approximately seven days. To get lead time for your order you can call (866) 741-8266 or email

Will I get a tracking number?

Yes, we send shipment verification when your order ships. The shipment verification will contain the tracking number, website link to track, and the number of pieces to expect in your shipment.

Are specs or assembly instructions available before I place my order?

Yes, you can find most specification sheets or assembly instructions on our website. If you do not see what you are looking for you can call (866) 741-8266 or email

Can I cancel my order?

All cancellations need to be approved by Kay Park. Cancellations can be made prior to order shipping. If the order has shipped costs such as shipping costs and restocking fees may apply.

How long is my order going to be in transit?

Transit times vary by where your order is shipping. These can be determined if you call with the zip code we would be shipping to and we can get an estimate from the freight carrier. Once products are shipped we cannot control the transit times.

What does LTL mean?

LTL shipping means less than a truckload. If shipments are too large for ground shipment they ship LTL. Your shipment will arrive on a semi-truck and trailer. Unless a liftgate is requested, the customer is responsible for offloading the freight.

What is your warranty?

Kay Park guarantees all materials and workmanship (except labor and transportation) for one year, excluding vandalism, misuse, and acts of God. Claim for defects must be filed within one year, accompanied by a copy of the original invoice or invoice number. Call for details at (866) 741-8266.

Have a Question?

We would love to help answer any questions or concerns you have regarding product maintenance, repair, or replacement.