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It’s Easy To Sanitize and Practice Social Distancing  

Pedal boats and canoes are an exceptional combination of fun and exercise. Better still, they allow your organization and individuals the ability to remain safe during the COVID-19 era. Since only a maximum of four people can enjoy a pedal boat and up to two individuals can fit in a canoe, you can easily maintain social distancing. In addition, boats are far apart from one another on the water. This helps prevent any large social gatherings.

You will still need to ensure the check-in process allows ample space between guests, but a few Xs on the floor will work just fine. In addition to creating a safe check-in process, you will need to keep equipment clean. Fortunately, our pedal boats and canoes can easily be sanitized between guests. We wrote another post on how to sanitize our equipment. It truly is as simple as 1, 2, 3!