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Commercial Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

While these may be uncertain times, you can have confidence in the social distance seating solutions you offer at your academic institution.


We Make Shopping and Ordering Made Easy

As a procurement professional, whether in-house or part of a buying group, you are constantly being barraged by requests, demands, and specifications. Of course, all of them seem to be in a rush to find the right solution. Oftentimes, servicing a variety of departments with different budgets and requirements takes away from your ability to properly research your choices. Commercial outdoor furniture can be a part of that mix.

As such, you may face a variety of issues related to budgeting, timing, appearance, longevity, maintenance, ADA compliance, and in today’s world, social distancing. You certainly don’t want to find yourself having to answer tough questions that could have otherwise been avoided.

With proper planning and selection, you can find the right commercial outdoor furniture that checks all of the boxes. By speaking directly with our manufacturing company, you align yourself with our experienced, professional design team. We will outline all the considerations you need to take into account, as well as all the options that are available and suitable for each project.

Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

Kay Park Recreation is in the business of helping you deal with many of the challenges you face when selecting commercial furniture for your education facility. We have been “Making Places People Friendly” since 1954. Our products are visually appealing, high-quality, long-lasting, and do not require excessive maintenance. We deliver our products directly to you in a timely manner and provide budget-friendly prices.

There is a great variety of outdoor furniture for schools and universities that we offer, including bleachers, benches, picnic tables, bike racks, litter receptacles, and much more. Better still, all of our commercial outdoor furniture is easy to sanitize. All it takes is three simple steps to stop the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Meet Social Distancing Guidelines

Our commercial outdoor furniture does more than allow you to create seating that matches your school’s colors. We provide social distancing solutions that can be used in the COVID-19 era and beyond. Many of our products are lightweight and compact. This allows you to store them when you do not need them and easily assemble a team to set them up when additional seating is required.

With additional outdoor furniture on hand when you need it, you can appropriately set up seating that meets social distancing guidelines. Whether you opt to use signs, tape, or ushers to indicate where visitors should sit, you can safely welcome students and their families back to campus.

As your academic organization adapts to the COVID-19 era, know that our sales department is here for you. By contacting us today, we can understand your current needs and define solutions that adapt to these ever-changing times.


Let’s Get Your Order Started

The Kay Park advantage goes far beyond our ability to manufacture functional, easy-to-use, customized, and, where necessary, ADA-compliant products. Our products come in a variety of materials, configurations, and colors that provide you with the flexibility to meet all your needs while maintaining social distancing guidelines.

At Kay Park Recreation, we GUARANTEE that you will get the quality and service you deserve when you shop for commercial outdoor furniture for schools and universities. We are committed to solving your indoor and outdoor furniture problems, and we continue to maintain long-lasting relationships with all our customers.

Call us today at 866-284-1740 and find out how purchasing directly from a commercial outdoor furniture manufacturer makes your life easier!



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