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Concrete Cornhole Boards for Parks

Cornhole has become one of the fastest growing sports over the past decade – people are wanting to play it in recreational spaces. You need to consider the impact on your user experience metrics of providing attractive, consistent recreational accessories, as a park designer, procurement specialist, or retrofit team. 

Because public facing spaces like parks also face real-world concerns (e.g. vandalism, weather, overused concerns, etc.), a concrete cornhole board can make a spectacular inclusion to drive visitors and visitor experience enhancement. 

This article will detail how Kay Park can help you install the long-lasting, premium concrete cornhole boards we sell in your public facing space to cater to this growing market.

The major benefits of a concrete cornhole board for parks

The obvious benefits of concrete cornhole boards are as follows (we’ll explore them further throughout this article to give you an in-depth look, too):

  • Enhanced durability and stability due to concrete construction
  • Important built-in features like regulation standard slope angles and sloped return chute
  • The ability to customize for anti-vandalism and anti-skateboard/anti-bike needs
  • Weatherproofness
  • Simple, straightforward installation and maintenance means lower total cost of ownership over the long-term
  • Enhanced attractiveness of your space, to more of the visitor market
  • Diversity in recreational activity offerings in park settings, and other recreational outdoor spaces

With the rise of cornhole popularity – why it just makes the most sense to have a concrete cornhole board for public facing spaces

Because Kay Park sells cornhole boards made from concrete that are built to regulation slopes and standards, it makes your park a destination for hardcore cornhole playing enthusiasts. Concrete cornhole boards don’t have the same drawbacks as wooden boards due to weather, and that makes your park or outdoor space a better draw without being tied so intrinsically to seasonal crowds. 

Cornhole as a sport is unique, in that male and female competitors can compete at the highest level on the same stage, and that helps to fuel cross demographic growth that exceeds many other sports. This means that the likelihood that the cornhole playing population continues to grow is much higher. It’s a long-term positive outlook for a long-term durable product. And it helps fuel growth in your overall visitor population. 

It is also growing rapidly as a sport, as media influence and televised and streaming competitions are increasing annually in exponential ways. That crossover between outdoor recreation and indoor consumption, means there is a net overall positive impact on potential visitors to your outdoor space – even from previously untapped markets. 

Furthermore, with low maintenance and installation costs, the overall ROI of purchasing concrete cornhole boards and setting up availability to resources will impact your total metrics and customer satisfaction goals, positively. It’s a value-add that costs very little to implement, but yields potentially outsized ROI and metric enhancement for public spaces as the sport grows over time. And importantly, while cornhole has been around for generations, it is an infant in the growing competitive recreation space. This means it’s a great long-term bet for you and your public recreational facility or park.  

Why a commercial Cornhole board is the right choice for a public space

While a sanctioned cornhole competition event may rely on calibrated cornhole boards, it still makes the most sense to install the most durable and consistent boards you can at your facility. Competitions could look to your space for future big events, as a result of community adoption and park layout. But while they may bring their own boards for the competition, you need to make sure that the boards you employ are able to withstand the rigors of daily public use. What space wouldn’t want to be considered a destination spot for major competitions like the ACA.

A wooden board doesn’t make sense, as skateboarders, vandals, or bike riders may each leave their indelible mark on the equipment. Not so with a properly outfitted concrete cornhole board. And that isn’t to say bike riders and skateboarders are bad for parks – it’s to say that: cornhold boards are meant for cornhole, not for jumps and ollies and kick flips. 

It just makes sense to build durable infrastructure in your public space. Kay Park makes durable infrastructure for public spaces. Our cornhole boards made of concrete are no exception. 

Longevity in a cornhole board is an important attribute.

As mentioned above in a couple of different places. It’s unlikely that cornhole demand declines over the next decade, and quite the opposite is anticipated, in fact. As a growing competitive sport, and an ever increasingly attractive recreational game, it’s likely here to stay. And you’re likely to be less engaging as a facility or property without enhancing your offerings by at least considering a cornhole area. 

Additionally, public facing outdoor recreational spaces have a lot of traffic – some positive and some negative. Vandalism and theft are nearly eliminated with a concrete cornhole board when taken in the landscape of other market material options. 

Regarding positive impacts – a weatherproof, consistent game experience is almost guaranteed with a concrete board as opposed to other materials. 

As a space that measures success through usage statistics and the ability to draw visitors, it makes sense to have durable, interesting infrastructure. 

Some basic FAQ’s about concrete cornhole boards

Is a concrete cornhole board built to regulation standards?

A concrete cornhole board sold by KayPark is built to slope and size regulation standards for the ACA (American Cornhole Association). 

How long will a concrete cornhole board last realistically?

In a public space with daily use, if properly outfitted and installed, a Kay Park concrete cornhole board is likely to be a one-time purchase with an indefinite life expectancy. Of course it’s hard to state the foreseeable life of a cornhole board due to so many different variables in your specific space, so we make no implied warranty other than our standard warranty. But as far as durability, it’s unlikely you will find a more durable, long-lasting cornhole board on the market. 

Why Kay Park?

Kay Park is a leading provider of outdoor equipment, infrastructure, furniture and accessories for public facing recreational spaces and outdoor areas including sporting complexes, parks, campuses and public areas. The proven reliability of the products Kay Park manufactures and sells, combined with the track record of Kay Park as a company with impressive customer support means that you can rest assured you’re working with a market leader. We’re committed to providing you with the right equipment, the right advice, and the right support for the long-term. Our most popular outdoor furniture and public park infrastructure catalog can be found here. 

We invite you to order online or reach out to work with us as a provider for your park, theme park, campus, governmental organization or other outdoor recreational space.


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