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Take a Rest On One Of Our Stationary or Portable Benches 

Benches are exceptional solutions for creating ample seating in your indoor or outdoor venue, especially when they offer a backrest. Without a backrest, your guests can be tempted to leave your venue sooner because they are not comfortable. In order to increase the time your visitors spend at your location, install permanent and/or portable benches with backrests to maximize their comfort. As soon as they realize they can kick back and relax, they will happily sink into the bench and give their feet some time to rest.

Permanent Stationary Bench Solutions

Permanent seating options are viable solutions for venues and environments that have consistent visitors and foot traffic. Stationary benches with backrests can easily be installed along walkways or in viewing areas. Our aluminum stationary benches are available in lengths from 6 feet to 21 feet, which allow your indoor or outdoor venue to comply with the CDC’s recommended social distancing guidelines. You can create enough seating for returning guests to sit with their family and friends without worrying about COVID-19.

Better still, our permanent stationary benches can withstand the test of time. They do not require large amounts of maintenance and they are highly weather resistant. They will not corrode or rust over time. These benches truly are an exceptional solution for your indoor or outdoor seating needs!

Versatile Portable Benches

Some venues cannot handle permanent seating solutions. This can often be the case when the venue hosts numerous events or activities that do not create the same flow of foot traffic. Whatever the reason, portable benches with backrests are the best solutions for seating whenever permanent benches cannot be installed.

Our portable benches are made of beautiful Southern Yellow Pine. They are durable, comfortable, and light enough for two individuals to move the benches to and from their intended locations.

Create New Seating Options In Your Venue

Our experienced team is ready and available to assist you with your order of new benches with backrests. Whether you need stationary benches, portable benches, or both, we can help you place your order for the benches you need in various sizes. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to inquire about the lead times on your bench orders. We look forward to serving you!

Portable Bench with Backrest | Southern Yellow Pine Planks

When permanent seating is not a solution, our portable bench is exactly what you need to create seating for your guests and visitors quickly. Our weather-resistant Southern Yellow Pine portable benches allow you to create comfortable, attractive seating in both indoor and outdoor settings fast.

Since this is not a permanent seating solution, we have engineered our portable bench with only a 6-inch end overhanging to prevent the risk of tipping. This ensures your guests and visitors are safe while utilizing your temporary seating.

This portable bench can be used for a number of applications. Whether you have an outdoor sports event or an indoor show, you can rely on this bench for years to come. It is resistant to most weather conditions, so you do not need to worry about moving the benches inside if a storm is rolling through the area.

Rather than purchasing specific indoor or outdoor seating, you can easily store this versatile bench and put it to use when you need it. This portable bench is light enough for two individuals to easily move it to and from its intended location. To avoid the risk of injury, always use proper lifting techniques and have a partner assist with moving this bench.

Our portable benches come with a backrest to ensure maximum comfort. Furthermore, you can order as many benches as you need in a variety of sizes. Choose between lengths of 6 feet, 8 feet, or 15 feet.

Stationary Aluminum Plank Bench with Back | Permanent

When your outdoor venue or park needs a permanent seating solution, you can end your search with our stationary aluminum plank bench. This installation will be reliable for years to come while offering ample seating that meets your needs. With its low maintenance requirements, you can rest easy knowing your guests and visitors always have a place to rest.

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, our aluminum plank bench is weather and corrosion-resistant. This includes all of the parts and fasteners, not just the bench itself. Our stationary bench with a backrest can withstand any climate and weather conditions. Whether you need this aluminum bench in a snowy area or high heat, high sunshine location, our bench will withstand the test of time.

Available in lengths of 6 feet, 8 feet, 15 feet, or 21 feet, this stationary aluminum bench allows multiple individuals to rest at one time. Additionally, you can select the plank size that fits your needs. This allows you to create the right size seating for your intended audience and increase their comfort while using these benches. Wherever you need this bench to go, we have the sizes ready to ship that fit your needs.

Installation is quick and simple! Simply place the bench where you need it to go and permanently fix it to the location. With its low cost and low maintenance requirements, this aluminum bench is our best economical choice for permanent seating in your indoor or outdoor venue.

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