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Add Speedy Bleachers and Increase Attendance

As the COVID-19 era continues, so do we as a society. Sporting events, school functions, and outdoor fun will continue despite the global pandemic. However, safety is of the utmost importance. If you don’t currently have the ability to comfortably social distance your guests, we have the solution for you. Kay Park’s Speedy Bleachers offer you the ability to seat more guests both inside and outside with social distancing measures in place. Better still, they are incredibly easy to set up and towable on the highway.

Flexibility for Seating Requirements During Covid Times

Many individuals want to do everything to remain safe and ensure their family is safe as well. With Speedy Bleachers, you gain the ability to seat more parties together while keeping six feet (two meters) of space in mind. Since these mobile bleachers are towable, you can transport them from their storage site to exactly where you need them.

We know you are wondering exactly how many individuals can be seated on each of these portable bleachers on wheels:

These numbers are the maximum amount of individuals that can be seated on each Speedy Bleacher. However, by sectioning off “no seating” zones, you can still increase your attendance by 100 or more seats.

This portable seating option only requires a single team member to be set up, which ensures your team is safe and that setup is incredibly efficient. Furthermore, you can use Speedy Bleachers for indoor and outdoor seating. So long as the entry clearance is large enough, these bleachers can easily fit indoors.

Speedy Beachers Keep Everyone Safe

When you need exceptional quality portable indoor bleachers, you can trust Kay Park’s products. You will increase attendance with Speedy Bleachers during COVID times. Please do not hesitate to contact us today to inquire about lead times.


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