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Recycled Materials Create The Best Seating for Supporting Earth Day

Support Earth Day with Kay Park’s recycled plastic products.

Now more than ever, we all can appreciate how great it is to spend time outdoors. To celebrate the Earth, reducing, reusing, and recycling, allows us to have a world we can enjoy. Utilizing resources already available ensures we don’t run out while also allowing us to do our part to protect our environment. Fortunately, Kay Park recognized this some time ago and began manufacturing a line of products with as many recycled materials as possible, including our plastic tables. Every product is made with at least 30 percent of recycled materials that are created from 100 percent post-consumer plastic.

Check out some of our recycled tables:

It is important for everyone to be mindful of the impact they have on the environment. In order to make an impact and truly stress the importance of environment conservation, Earth Day activities should offer recycled seating. Our plastic tables are made mostly of recycled materials. Being able to highlight this fact will truly drive the idea of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” in the minds of those attending your events.

When people can look, touch, and feel recycled products, they understand how well they function when compared to their brand-new counterparts. The more individuals are exposed to recycled materials, the more people support Earth Day activities.

Let’s work together to change the way people see recycled items by continuing to provide them access to the highest quality products available. Our plastic benches are just the first step. Between comfort and durability, it is easy to see how such a simple product can do so much good for our environment. Regardless of what individuals are doing, they can easily use these benches to sit, relax, store items, or whatever else they need.

Together, we can change how your community and facilities see Earth Day initiatives. Contact us today to begin your quote!

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