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Recycled Plastic Benches Align with Earth Day Goals

We understand the importance of environmental protection.

While few things in this life are certain, we must understand the importance of environmental protection. We only have one planet to inhabit. If we wish to provide a home for future generations, we must be mindful and supportive of actions that directly impact the longevity of our environment.

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970. Since then, companies and organizations around the globe have worked to improve our environment. Kay Park is proud to manufacture products like our recycled plastic benches with post-consumer HDPE in order to do our part to keep products out of landfills. We firmly believe that each and every person and organization is responsible for doing their part to protect our planet. Every plastic bench we produce is made with a minimum of 30 percent recycled materials. When possible and without sacrificing craftsmanship, we produce benches with far more recycled products.

Check out some of our recycled benches:

If we didn’t tell you many products in our line were recycled, you wouldn’t notice a difference. Recycled products operate at the same level or better than their 100 percent new counterparts. By focusing on what is right for the environment without sacrificing quality, Kay Park products help organizations everywhere provide recycled products that still meet and exceed client needs.

Please contact us today to begin a quote on Earth-friendly products that meet the needs of your community or facility.

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