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Bicycling is Seeing Exponential Growth, Bicycle Parking is a Necessity

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Since the global pandemic, more and more people have turned to cycling as a means to travel. Whether it’s commuting to work, doing errands, or using it as an exercise tool, cycling’s popularity is up 7% year over year. It doesn’t look like this cycling trend is going away anytime soon which we’ll discuss later in this article.

But first, what about that pesky bike parking issue? Most cities and towns across the country are unprepared for this influx of transport. Here at Kay Park, we know that bike parking is a pretty easy fix because we make the racks that people need to keep their bikes safe and out of the way.

Have you ever tripped over a bike that’s parked randomly on the sidewalk? Or stood awkwardly at your destination searching for someplace safe to park your bike? Bike racks are for the community.

If you own a bike, you know how hard it is to find a place to park so it doesn’t get damaged—or worse—stolen. Knowing that there is a safe place to park your bike when you go to City Hall, work, out to eat, to the park, or running errands, takes one layer of stress away.

Take note. The bicycling trend isn’t going away anytime soon. According to an article entitled, Keeping pace: American spending on cycling continues amidst pandemic” by Felix Richter, “Americans spent $6.9 billion on bicycles and accessories in 2020, up from $6.1 billion the year before. The trend continued in early 2021, with the increase in bicycle spending even picking up pace.”

That increased bicycle spending will be reflected in “bike traffic” in our neighborhoods, towns, and cities.

Enter Kay Park Bike Racks. Our solution to this problem is—wait for it—a bike rack.

We manufacture all sorts of bike rack designs that can be installed anywhere. Our customers include schools, municipalities, commercial businesses such as stores and restaurants, architects, and multi-housing units. Consider this. Multi-housing properties have hundreds, if not thousands of residents who need a place to park their bikes safely once they return from work and play.

As a generational family business, we have firsthand experience of biking outings gone awry when we arrive at a park or recreational area only to have no place to park and lock our bikes. That’s one reason why we’re so passionate about making commercial bike racks.

We all know that you can’t leave your bike unattended because in many areas it will be stolen. Most businesses don’t allow you to bring it into the store (pretty awkward anyway, gathering groceries and holding onto your bicycle). And locking your bike to a parking meter? They don’t work as a safe bike rack alternative. Raise your hand if you or someone you know has had their bike stolen because they locked it to a parking meter!

If you think people will get bored with cycling and it’s a trend, listen to the other benefits of cycling. In this article by Kate Tattersfield, she lists “11 wellness benefits of cycling to work” “Those who exercise regularly are at a significantly lower risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, all types of cancer, high blood pressure and obesity,” explained Dr. Lynn Cherkas. She goes on to say “the body becomes much more efficient at defending itself and regenerating new cells.”

That’s why we offer over a dozen styles of bike racks. Don’t know which racks to look at? Take a peek at our top three selling bike racks:

  • The J-Frame Bike Rack—classic. You have seen this at many buildings both residential and commercial; a well-known place to park and lock a bicycle.

  • The Loop Style Bike Rack—for a smaller footprint. This design is perfect for small shops and cafes and instantly adds a “Welcome Bikers” vibe to your landscape.

Speaking of bike racks, in this article written by Veronica Penney in the New York Times, she talks about a study done that cites “in cities where bike infrastructure was added, cycling had increased up to 48 percent more than in cities that did not add bike lanes.”

Kay Park also offers the A-Frame Bike Rack as well as the Circle Bike Rack. Let’s not forget the Triangle Style Bike Rack for a more modern design. You’ve probably seen some of our racks at any number of locations throughout the country and didn’t know it was made by a family business right here in the USA.

We also offer a Recycled Plastic Bike Rack offered in two great eco colors: Cedar and Green. The Recycled Plastic Bike Racks are perfect for an eco-environment.

The solution for companies and communities tackling an influx of cyclists? That’s easy. By installing bike racks, people have a nicer experience and it generates goodwill. Goodwill generates more business which then results in an overall happier population.

To ensure quality and on-time delivery, Kay Park manufactures our bike racks right here in Janesville, Iowa. The resurgence of cycling is here to stay because it’s eco-friendly and good for your health.

To discover which Kay Park Bike Racks are right for your location, give us a call at 1-866-284-5286 or email us at and let’s solve your bike parking problems now!


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