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4-Person Pedal Boats | Fiberglass | Commercial Duty

4-Person Pedal Boats | Fiberglass | Commercial Duty


Kay’s popular commercial, rental-duty pedal boats are a great addition to waterfront areas.

  • Heavy-duty fiberglass construction
  • 100% foam-filled durable pontoons float high in water
  • All self-draining seats, pedal wells, & pontoons
  • Regreasable bearings for smooth pedaling (Stainless boats get long-lasting nylon bearings)
  • Revenue-generating waterfront investment
  • Virtually maintenance-free!


If you are looking for a way to increase the fun for your guests while improving your bottom line at the same time, look no further than our Kay Pedal Cruisers. These four-person pedal boats are the ultimate way to create responsible, safe fun on the waterfront.

These pedal boats require little to no maintenance, so you can continue to rent them out to you with peace of mind. They are easy to sanitize in between uses, making them the perfect addition to your line of revenue.

Unlike other models on the market, our pedal boats do not need to be bailed or drained when it rains. Once it is safe to continue operation, these boats are ready for use. Made of reinforced fiberglass, our 100% foam-filled pontoons exceed Coast Guard requirements and will last for years to come. They even come with marine-grade chromed handles and resilient vinyl to ensure they look aesthetically pleasing, use after use.

Our pedal boats are made with efficiency in mind. The center-mounted steering wheels allow either passenger to drive the boat. The wheel is similar to a car steering wheel, so it is easy to navigate on the water. The direct drive pedal allows for faster speeds with smooth pedaling. Each model comes with greaseable bearings to ensure the ride continues smoothly.

Ergonomic seats ensure every patron has a comfortable ride. Available in a range of solid and glitter colors, you simply cannot go wrong with our pedal boats! These will quickly become the best investment you have ever made!

Solid color choices: Blue, Red, Shamrock Green, Yellow, Forest Green

Glitter Color Choices: Green Glitter, Red Glitter, Blue Glitter, Yellow Glitter, Fuschia Glitter

Flotation Foam: 30.4 cu. ft.

Net Flotation Exceeds: 1,500 lbs.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm –

PCIV Parts List


PCIV Rudder Diagram




Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

126 Inch

No. of Seats


Color Options

Blue FG, Blue Glitter, Forest Green FG, Fuscia Glitter, Green Glitter, Red FG, Red Glitter, Shamrock Green FG, Yellow FG, Yellow Glitter

Pedal Cruiser Hardware

Galvanized Hardware, Stainless Steel Hardware


126" x 63" x 34"


350 lbs


Park Managers, Concessionaires, and Campgrounds everywhere are realizing huge benefits from concession operations. Studies indicate that recreation on or near the water is by far the most popular. There's something about the water that creates excitement for some people, yet provides peace and calm relaxation for others. If you already have a lake, pond or slow-moving stream (or can create one) why not make people happy and earn big profits at the same time? Concessions such as pedal boats, water slides, miniature golf, etc. can dramatically increase usage and revenue. Please keep in mind that good location, high visibility, the close proximity of "things to do," good signage and letting people know what you've got, are important to success.

The City of Fremont, CA, nearly 21 years ago, began operating a concession of 40 pedal boats, 35 small sailboats, 12 canoes and 5-row boats. Mr. Jack Rogers, former Parks, and Rec. Director estimated that boat rental alone generated over $70,000 per season. He noted that Kay Pedal Cruisers are clearly the most popular, they're fun and almost anyone can operate them. (However, good judgment should be used as to a patrons age and capabilities when allowed to operate equipment.)


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