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Add 6 Figures to your Equipment Rental Business?
Highway Towable Bleachers

Average Upfront Investment of $55,000 yields a $110,000 return in 1.5 years.

Every bleacher we manufactured since 1996 is still in use today. Some of our bleachers have been bringing in revenue for 20 years.

Do you already offer bleacher seating? Cut Your Cost Per Seat by up to 500%: Extremely fast setup time by ONE person. Before, 300 person bleacher setup used to take hundreds of man-hours and had a lower margin for rental companies. Now 300 seats can be delivered by one person and set up in 10 minutes.


Highway Towable BREAKTHROUGH!

Highway towable provides you the ability to easily transport to various events. Bleachers come with bumper tow or upgrade with the optional gooseneck
hitch add-on.

Indoor & Outdoor Use

Our 7-Row towable bleacher is less than 9′ tall when folded so they fit under most tents and smaller overhead doors. While our most popular 10-Row Mobile “Speedy Bleacher” with a length of 30′ seats 300 spectators.

Safety FIRST

Electric brakes all 4 wheels. Plus, Vertical Guard Rails permit you to discourage climbing and reduce liability
(Patent No. Des. 404-141)

Single Person Set Up

Extremely fast setup time with one person lets you cut your cost per seat by 500% as the best rental business owners do. Save big on setup crew costs alone. A driver is all you need. 


Our 7-Row towable bleacher is less than 9′ tall when folded so they fit under most tents and smaller overhead doors. While our most popular 10-Row Mobile “Speedy Bleacher” with a length of 30′ seats 300 spectators.


Hot-dip galvanized allows you to eliminate rust and corrosion for years of use like a pro Heavy I-Beam main frame is the base of the design. Aluminum seats & walk boards that last. Hot-dip galvanized guardrails.

The Speedy Bleacher is for every rental business owner who wishes to increase efficiency, but can’t due to the labor-intensive equipment setup and or low quality products.

Here’s the huge problem you face right now:

The return on investment with your current rental equipment is too low. Once the equipment is paid off, it needs to be replaced or repaired, but that’s not the end of your problems as you struggle to keep the rental cost lower than the competition.

What makes this even worse is the fact that without the right equipment and high labor costs, you are unable to see any return on your investment! Which means you will never reach the financial goals you set for your rental business.

All this can make trying to run your rental business a nightmare! But, luckily for you, there’s now a solution!

If you’re a rental business owner looking to increase efficiency and revenue, but can’t due to labor-intensive low-quality equipment,

The Kay Park Speedy Bleacher is the answer you’ve been looking for!

Successful Rentals Company Owners Who Have Added Towable Bleachers

See several of our customer success stories and how they added bleachers to their rental fleet or took their bleacher rentals to the next level with Kay Park’s labor cost-cutting highway towable bleacher systems that fold set up and fold out in ten munites.

Brian DeCoster
Owner of Big Ten Rentals in Iowa City, IA

Customers began requesting tent rentals for various events, so DeCoster added those to his inventory. The company entered the bleacher rental business about 14 years ago.

“It can get very busy during the political campaign season,” he said. “That business has really matured nicely.

“We do a lot of annual events, such as out at the Field of Dreams, and a lot of bleacher rentals in the Chicago area.”


Kay Park’s Speedy Bleacher

Made With Aluminum

Folding section is made with 606 l-T6 aluminum alloy. This reduces the overall weight of the bleacher for easier towing and helps alleviate stress on the folding mechanism for longer trouble-free use.

Competitors Mobile Bleacher

Made With Steel

Steel components are heavier causing more stress on the bleacher folding mechanism.

Rubber Shock-Absorbers

Dual 7,000 lb. Dexter Torflex shock-absorbing rubber cushioned axles are used for smoother, quieter towing. The shock of potholes and other road hazards are absorbed by the rubber mounting system. No metal to metal contact part to wear out and replace.

Metal Shock-Absorbers

Dual spring mounted 7,000 lb. (3,500 lb. On TSP 180) axles. Transmits road shock to the trailer and has steel on steel hinge points. More parts to wear out and replace.

Tight Electric Cord Connection

Magnets are used on the electric cord going to the tow vehicle hooks up. This does not allow the cord to droop and drag on the ground, yet allows complete removal of the tongue for security purposes.

Slack Electric Cord Connection

Loose electric cord can drag on ground resulting in damage.

Removable Hitch

Removable hitch coupling allows either 2 5/16″ ball or pintle hook with removal of 2 bolts.

Permanent Hitch

Fixed hitch type tongue must be changed to change hitch type.

Adjustable Hitch Height

Fully adjustable hitch height accommodates different tow vehicles easily with the removal of 2 bolts.

Permanent Hitch Height

Fixed hitch height towing vehicle must have hitch with matching height.

Fail-Safe Folding

Folding section is stored over-center position so it cannot come unfolded if any component of the folding mechanism should break.

Risk of Folding Failure

Bleacher folding mechanism failure could unintentionally unfold if a component of the mechanism breaks.

Protection From Road Bounce

Polyurethane, rubber pads support the fold-over section, when folded. This takes the stress of road bounce off the hinges and hydraulic cylinders, while the bleacher is being towed.

No Protection From Road Bounce

Hydraulic cylinders, hinges and levers take stress of road bounce.

Perfect Height For All Conditions

Lower overall height when folded. 126″, this lowers the center of gravity for a more stable towing trailer. Allows Speedy Bleacher to go under lower overhead obstructions.

Too Tall For Certain Conditions

149″ folded height. Higher center of gravity makes trailer less stable and easier to hit overhead obstructions. Un-towable in winds above 20 mph.

Easy To Tow Multi-Units

Permanent rear guardrail design allows for simple, multi-unit alignment.

Difficult To Tow Multi-Units

Difficult for driver to align bleachers since both halves of the bleacher open.

Structurally Sound Design

Two l 6″x 26 lb. per foot wide-flange structural “I” beams are used as the backbone of the bleacher. Hot dip galvanized after fabrication for maximum protection from elements.

Susceptible To Sagging

Two 12″ rolled steel channels. Hot dip galvanized after fabrication. Smaller and more susceptible to sagging over time.

Easy To Level

Four 35,000 lb. stabilizer jacks (one at each corner) are used to allow easier leveling and short setup times. Jacks handles are waist-high (operated from a standing position) and all on the backside of the bleacher. This means no bending over, kneeling down or walking to the other side of the bleacher.

Six 35,000 lb. stabilizer jacks are used on the 40′ and 45′ models (one at each corner and two in the middle.)

*Optional power operated jacks can be added.

Hard To Level

Several 7,000 lbs. jacks are low down, operator must bend or kneel down to swivel jacks into position and crank down. More difficult to use jacks to level the bleacher and spread the load evenly between all jacks. Sometimes not enough ground clearance to swivel jacks into position.

Sturdy Guardrail Design

No gaps or breaks in the guardrails; one continuous railing around sides and back.

Guardrail Vulnerable to Damage

Gap where guardrail folds. Can widen if supports are bent or misaligned from abuse.

Made to Suit

Bleacher can he made in left hand and right hand models. This facilitates two bleachers being set end to end w/o removing or telescoping the tongues. When ordered correctly this will also allow placement next a wall or an existing bleacher while facing the correct direction.

Extra Cost

It is an additional charge for a left or right hand bleacher to be made to fit with your existing set up.

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