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Ample Seating for Everyone on Our Team Benches

While it may only be summer, football season will be here before we know it. During practices and games, it’s important for these athletes to have a place to sit down and rest. Otherwise, they will quickly fatigue and be unable to perform at their best. Team benches offer football players and coaches a way to quickly sit down and get back up when needed.

Portable & Stationary Team Benches

Team benches do not feature a back, which makes them easy to sit on and get up from. In addition, they do not require players to face a certain direction. This allows them to take a moment to rest whenever they need to. Perfect for use on the field or in the locker room, these benches allow players to be mobile at a moment’s notice.

Portable and stationary options are available to serve a range of needs. Areas such as locker rooms and gyms do not often change. To protect those utilizing these benches, it’s normal and expected for stationary benches to be permanently fixed to the floor. However, some areas do change often, such as sports fields. If a football field is also used for field sports during track season, team benches may not be able to be permanently mounted. Portable team benches allow players to have a sturdy, comfortable seat during their games that can be moved to a different location when they are not in use.

Quick Ship Items Available

Teams that are already practicing for the upcoming season and in need of team benches may benefit from our Quick Ship products. These products ship in just seven business days, so you will have ample seating for your athletes in a shorter amount of time.

Contact our sales team if you have any questions or concerns regarding lead times.

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