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Outdoor Ping Pong Table

Outdoor Ping Pong Table


  • Thicker panel for better bounce
  • Panels made from resin laminate for weather resistance
  • Softmat coating to reduce sun glare
  • Frame made from noncorrosive aluminum/zinc alloy
  • Table top made from High Pressure Laminate
  • Resistant to blows, impacts, color fading
  • Soft protection pads on each order
  • Frame made form zinc and aluminum alloy
  • Fixed Steel Net with non corrosive treatment
  • Racket holds added to the sides to store 4 rackets
  • Ball dispensers under the table top
  • Choose from Blue or Gray Top


Bring the fun and excitement of indoor table tennis outside with our outdoor ping pong table! With its 100% steel material construction, this table will be able to last through just about anything you put it through. The frame boasts a non-corrosive aluminum and zinc alloy blend to prevent rust. From extreme daily use to unpredictable weather, this outdoor ping pong table can handle it all.

The table top itself is made of high-pressure laminate and comes with a 10-year warranty. It is designed to take even the toughest blows and impacts. You can choose from either blue or gray for the tabletop. Both options are coated in resin laminate to ensure it withstands the weather and prevents fading. The entire table features a soft mat coating to reduce sun glare, which protects spectators from the sun’s rays.

To ensure your guests can have the best match possible, this outdoor ping pong table features a thick panel that produces a better bounce. Each side features soft pads to protect the player from any accidental injuries while focusing on the match. The sides of the table feature racket holders. Up to four rackets can be stored to allow 2v2 games. It’s easy for players to retrieve the ball from the dispenser tucked away nicely under the table.



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