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Optional 48″ Center Aisle & Handrail for 10 Row Speedy Bleacher

Optional 48″ Center Aisle & Handrail for 10 Row Speedy Bleacher


This option adds a 48″ wide aisle with center handrails to a 10 row Speedy Bleacher. This along with the F4 option will bring our Speedy Bleacher into compliance with current national building codes. Please add this option to your RFQ or Shopping Cart inquiry. (F4 option is required with the 48AHR option)

Reduces seating by 27 seats (per aisle)

Additional information






8 inch/Row


For 10 Row Standard Rise Bleacher


120 lbs


48 inch wide center aisle with handrail.

Aisle or Handrail is not required when:

* First Row seat 12 inch high
* 6 inch Rise per Row
* 11 1/2 inch wide seat plank

Aisles require double Footboards. Your local code may require one or more aisles and handrails


Price and specifications subject to change without notice.

BLA Series-Aluminum Angle Frame

Frames are fabricated from 2 x 2 x 3/16 inch 6061-T6 alloy aluminum angles using a punched and bolted type construction for maximum strength and safety. All main frame components are pre-assembled with large 1/2 inch diameter bolts, lock washers and nuts. This bolted aluminum frame provides strong joints that will not develop weld cracks.

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