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Dogipot Pet Station, Poly

Dogipot Pet Station, Poly


  • Forest Green Poly Bag Dispenser
  • Forest Green 10 gal. Poly Trash Receptacle
  • Attachable Hinged Lid (holds bag in place)
  • Clearly printed instructions
  • Locked bottom compartment
  • Reflective Pet Sign
  • 2 rolls (200 ea.) Pet Waste litter bags
  • 8 foot Telescoping Galvanized steel post for direct-bury
  • 10 gallon steel trash receptacle with lid
  • 50 heavy-duty drawstring trash liner bags


While it may not be a pet owner’s favorite responsibility, it is still their civic duty to clean up their dog’s feces. If dog poop is a problem in your community, we can promise the DogiPot Poly Pet Station is an economical solution you’ll love!

The Dogipot Poly Pet Station comes fully stocked with two rolls of 200 polyethylene bags. These flexible bags make it easier and quicker for pet owners to get rid of Fido’s number two into a 10-gallon pet waste receptacle. Better still, every order comes with 50 heavy-duty trash liner bags to get you started.

Whether you have pet owners that continue to allow their fur babies to keep defecating in your neighborhood, outdoor venue, or public park, you can kiss the days of walking in dog poop goodbye. The Dogipot Poly Pet Station comes with a reflective “Pet Waste” sign that also has clear instructions on how to use the station. The economical price makes it easy to have as many of these doggy waste stations as you need in your community.

This pet station comes with a galvanized steel post that makes it easy to bury into the ground, which will ensure it lasts for years to come. The aluminum and steel construction gives you peace of mind that your new Dogipot Poly Pet Station can withstand any climate. Furthermore, the bottom of the receptacle locks to protect your community from seeing a large pile of dog waste bags underneath the receptacle.

If you’ve had enough of neighbors and guests not cleaning up after their pets, this doggy waste station is the perfect way to teach these pet owners the errors in the ways. In addition, you also help keep your community clean and healthy by stopping the transmission of diseases through pet waste. That’s what we call a win-win!



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