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Dogipot Original Pet Station

Dogipot Original Pet Station


“Dogipot” Pet Station is made of a combination of aluminum and steel, powder coated for long life and appearance. Available in green only. Comes complete with:

  • 15.5 x 9.4 x 3.25 inch aluminum bag dispenser
  • Locking front access panel
  • Clearly printed instructions
  • Please clean up after your dog sign
  • 2 rolls (200 ea.) biodegradable brown litter bags
  • 8 feet Telescoping Galvanized steel post for direct-bury
  • 10-gallon steel trash receptacle with lid
  • 50 heavy-duty drawstring trash liner bags
  • 12 x 18-inch pet sign


The original Dogipot Pet Station is exactly what you need to keep your neighborhood, local outdoor venues, and dog parks free of Fido’s unsightly number two. Pet owners can no longer claim they have “accidentally forgotten” to bring a potty bag for their dog when you have the original Dogipot Pet Station installed.

At only 23 pounds, this pet station is light enough to lift and install yet strong enough to withstand the test of time. Made of aluminum and steel, this doggy potty station will last for years. It is powder-coated green to keep a pleasant appearance for the outdoors.

It is incredibly obvious that this is not a receptacle for anything other than pet feces because of the clearly marked “Pet Waste” sign. It is a 12”x18” sign that instructs pet owners to clean up after their pet(s) and keep the area clean for all to enjoy. For pet owners that walk their pups at night, they can still easily see the Pet Waste sign because it is reflective.

While the idea of a Dogipot Pet Station is straightforward, clearly marked instructions are available to let pet owners know exactly how to use this receptacle. It also ensures non-pet owners are aware that unpleasant smells may arise should they try to use it as a garbage can.

As if this doggy potty station didn’t already solve your smelliest of problems, every order even comes with 2 rolls of 200 biodegradable brown litter bags and 50 heavy-duty drawstring trash liner bags to help get your Dogipot Pet Station started out on the right hind leg.

If you are worried about this doggy potty station failing, rest assured it will not. The eight-foot steel post allows this station to be buried into place. You may even cement it into place for extra peace of mind. Furthermore, the bottom of the 10-gallon pet waste receptacle locks to ensure nothing falls out until you are ready to empty it.

Dogipot Original Pet Station


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