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Classico Smoker’s Outpost

Classico Smoker’s Outpost


Classico Smoker’s Outpost – Snuffer


The Classico Smoker’s Outpost is perfect for entrances, designated smoking areas and more! Patented oxygen-restricting design extinguishes cigarettes quickly – no sand or water needed. The durable all-steel construction is fire-safe, won’t melt or burn and the 40″ height encourages use. A keyhole cigarette opening discourages unwanted litter. The Smoker’s Outpost includes a steel pail liner to safely collect cigarette waste and makes clean up easy and convenient. The textured powder-coated finish won’t rust or discolor pavement. The airtight screw closure attaches the base to the lid; base-to-lid security chain also included to deter theft. A pre-drilled hole is included in the base for bolt-down hardware (not included).

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Weight N/A

15 Inches


40 Inches


15 lbs

Color Options

Black, Bronze, Pewter


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