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2 Row Bleachers | 7.5′ Length | 10 Seat | Aluminum Planks

2 Row Bleachers | 7.5′ Length | 10 Seat | Aluminum Planks


2 Row 7 1/2′ Bleacher – Seats 10 (No Aisle Required)

Outdoor bleachers for extra seating so fans can spread out!

  • Sturdy angle frames
  • Rigid 2″ x 10″ Aluminum Planks
  • Weather-resistant, long-lasting
  • Variety of lengths/seating capacity


When you don’t have the space for tall bleachers or do not expect that large of a crowd, 2 Row Bleachers are the way to go. These affordable bleachers are an excellent choice for schools and recreation centers that need to seat a small number of parents and children. Each row comfortably seats five individuals at maximum capacity. The short 7.5′ length makes it easy to fit these bleachers in the smallest of spaces. 2-Row bleachers come in longer lengths as well, and can ship quickly.

Available with a range of options, these bleachers can be customized to meet your exact needs. Choose from lighter weight aluminum or heavy, rugged galvanized steel. Both materials can stand up to outdoor weather. If you only need your bleachers temporarily, it’s important you can transport them from one area to another with ease. Our Tip-N-Roll option allows them to roll into their storage area without a hassle.

It’s important you check your area’s local requirements before placing your order. Please be sure you are in compliance with aisles, guardrails, ADA, or other requirements. We sell accessories that meet these requirements separately.

Additional information

Seating Capacity

Seats 10

Bleacher Rows

2 Row

Bleacher Length

7.5' Long

Bleacher Frame


BL Series Angle Frame

Aluminum frames are fabricated from 2 x 2 x 3/16 inch 6061-T6 alloy aluminum angles using a punched and bolted type construction for maximum strength and safety. All main frame components are pre-assembled with large 1/2 inch diameter bolts, lock washers and nuts. This bolted aluminum frame provides strong joints that will not develop weld cracks.
Galvanized Steel frames are fabricated from 1 3/4" x 1 3/4" x 3/16" steel angles then hot dip galvanized after fabrication. The main frame components are welded at our factory and shipped with flat bar braces which are bolted in place on site by the customer.

Bleacher Rise

8 Inch Rise

Plank Type



No, Yes



Bleacher Accessories

Tip & Roll Mover System, Custom Colors, Bleacher Wraps

Bleacher Features

Quick Setup

Height Last Row

24 1/2"


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