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Renaissance Park Bench, Recycled Plastic – 2 or 3 Legs


Renaissance Bench adds old-time elegance to any area.

Cast aluminum frame has electrostatic powder coated finish. This aluminum frame will never rust and can never leave rusty marks on your floor.

Recycled plastic 2 1/2 x 3/4 inch, with rounded edges add beauty to this well-chosen bench. Redwood or Cedar color available.

Perfect for interior or exterior use.

Feet can be drilled for stationary mounting. Add “SM” to the model no. and add $20.00 to the price.

Frame colors available are white, black, brown, and green.

Renaissance benches are available in 48, 60 and 80-inch lengths. For extra strength, 60 and 80-inch benches have a third leg in the center with the armrest removed.

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