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Need extra seating on a limited budget?
Add Jiffy Movers!

School districts are taking advantage of Kay Park’s Jiffy Mover system.  This system allows one person to be able to move an entire bleacher from one location to another.  Schools are able to move the bleachers from sport to sport as needed.  Eliminating the need to update multi-fields bleachers that may be too small, out of code.  These units are especially important in these uncertain times where people are wanting or required to social distance.

One local school purchased 4 – 8 row 21’  Jiffy Mover bleacher systems.  This allows them to put all 4 units at the football field and then move 2 units to baseball and 2 to softball.  They use them at other locations as needed.

Some consolidated districts prefer mobile units so they can be flexible in the case of changing field locations.

What makes our Jiffy Movers special?

  • Designed and patented in 2007, this system is unique in many ways
  • Easy mobility
  • Designed to reinforce the entire bleacher so that it lifts as a platform
    • Instead of just picking up in the middle and allowing the rest of the bleacher to “sag”
  • Made of bolted pieces for easier transportation
    • Allows for a slight amount of flex instead of causing stress or cracking of aluminum welded frames
  • Designed to stay on the bleacher at all times
    • Allowing one person to be able to walk up and move the bleacher in 10 minutes or less
  • Jiffy Movers process is simply better by design