Ultimate Cooking Fire Ring with Adjustable Grate | Model UFR30


Cooking on a campfire has never been easier or more controllable. Attached adjustable cooking grate that is great for campgrounds, parks and resorts.

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Finally, a fire ring you can grill on or cook like a stovetop!

Our Ultimate fire ring is designed by people that actually camp and cook on campfires. We have refined this through many uses and trials.

You can easily control the amount of heat you get at any area of the grill.

The grate can swing from side to side to move the heat from one pot or pan to another. You can also swing some or all of the grate out of the heat. The well-balanced height adjustment means you can turn the heat up or down, even while the pots and pans are on it. The tilt-back design option allows you to easily sweep the ashes from the fire ring.

  • 300 Square Inch Cook Surface 15″ X 20″
  • 1/2″ Rods on 1″ Center
  • 30″ Diameter
  • 12″ High Sides
  • Grate Swings 180 Degrees
  • Integrated Utility Shelf
  • Cool Spring Handles
  • Vandal Resistant
  • High Heat Paint & Rust-Resistant Black Enamel

UFR Ultimate Fire Ring Spade Anchor

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UFR Ultimate Fire Ring Tilt Back Anchor

Spec and Install

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Spade Anchors, Tilt Back


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