Ultimate Cooking Fire Ring with Adjustable Grate | Model UFR30


Cooking on a campfire has never been easier or more controllable. Attached adjustable cooking grate that is great for campgrounds, parks and resorts.

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When it comes to safe outdoor gatherings, no outing is complete without food fresh off the grill. However, not every visitor to your venue is going to have the ability or patience to haul their family grill to use. Fortunately, you can provide safe, socially distanced cooking areas throughout your outdoor community space with our Ultimate Cooking Fire Ring. This fire ring’s beautiful engineering is the ability to grill meats and vegetables like any other grill or quickly boil some water, simmer a sauce, or reheat a side dish in a pan like a stovetop. The adjustable grate ensures foods of all shapes and sizes can be safely cooked without rolling into the heat.

Our Ultimate Cooking Fire Ring is designed by real campers who are experts at grilling on a campfire. From simple stick fires to full camping stoves, our campers team knows how to make the most of every cooking experience. Our experts have tested, redesigned, and tested our Ultimate Cooking Fire Ring hundreds of times to ensure it is fully functional. While public grilling stations may have had a bad image back in the day, our new modern grills will help make cookouts an enjoyable experience in your community venues.

The amount of heat on each inch of the 300 square inch cooking surface is fully controllable. No one’s hot dogs or corn on the cobs will ever be burned again! Furthermore, the tilt-back design makes cleaning up easy. Ashed can be swept away from the ring to ensure the next visitor can use the Ultimate Cooking Fire Ring immediately.

Our fire ring is also designed with fitting enough food on the cooking surface in mind. With a 15-inch by 20-inch cooking surface for pans and a 30-inch fire ring, you can rest assured enough food for a family of four can be ready to enjoy quickly. Rest assured, the entire surface of this Ultimate Cooking Fire Ring is coasted with rust-resistant black enamel. Your fire ring will be able to withstand a vast number of extreme weather conditions for years to come.

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